GPO 200 series ivory 'bakelite' table telephone, 1920s-1950s

The 200 series telephone, introduced in 1929, is an Art Deco design classic. It is considered to be the first truly modern telephone because in contrast to its predecessor, the pedestal or 'candlestick' telephone, the microphone and receiver are combined in a single handset. The telephone is also distinguished by being the first to be cased entirely in bakelite. The design was so successful that many were still in use until the 1960s.

These telephones did not have internal bells, relying instead on a separate bellset. However, they will function perfectly well as a non-ringing extension telephone.

Most 200s were produced in black, but limited numbers of ivory models were made available to the more affluent subscribers. Lacquer red and jade green versions were produced in limited numbers for special applications - they were not available to domestic subscribers and consequently are very rare. Although commonly referred to as bakelite, early coloured telephones were made from urea formaldehyde and later models from acrylic.

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Prices (ivory)
From £550 without bellset; from £750 with matching bellset

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