COLUMBUS 'Bügeleisen' 13 inch terrestrial globe, 1939 and 1948

This stunning table globe from the renowned German maker is a genuine rarity. Not only is it one of the first illuminated models with a very distinctive mount (sometimes referred to as the bügeleisen or flat iron), but it is further distinguished by mapping printed in English showing the political borders on the eve of WW2 (Austria and the Czech Sudetenland have been annexed by Germany; Italian East Africa is also shown). Post war restrictions and shortages would have necessitated such an expedient, so although the globe was assembled in 1948 the maps show the world as it was in 1939.

The globe is constructed from a hand blown glass sphere with 12 hand applied paper gores and calottes at the poles. The distinctive mount is of cast aluminium, finished in a mottled brown lacquer. The half meridian and other components are also aluminium, although the internal light fittings have been removed.

The map has been carefully cleaned and minor nicks and abrasions have been restored. Although the colours have faded and the varnish has darkened, it is in very good overall condition and fully legible. The mount has also been cleaned and polished and is in excellent condition.

Diameter 13 inches (330mm); overall height 390mm

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