COLUMBUS for GEOGRAPHIA 13 inch physical terrestrial globe, 1954

This striking globe was made by the renowned German globe maker Columbus for distribution in the UK by the British company Geographia. The vibrant colours mark out the main physical features, from mountain ranges to ocean depths. The globe can be dated from the statement that the mapping shows the 'de facto boundaries of 1954'.

The globe is constructed from a pasteboard sphere with 12 hand applied paper gores and polar calottes. It is mounted on a turned beech wood base and graduated aluminium half-meridian with aluminium pin bearings.

The map has been carefully cleaned and is free from nicks and abrasions. There is slight flattening at the poles, a few minor creases and one split in the South Atlantic, almost certainly resulting from the manufacturing process. There is also some staining caused by leaching and browning of the gore adhesive. Nevertheless the colours and varnish are still very bright and the printing is fully legible. The half-meridian has also been cleaned and is in excellent conditon. There is slight degradation of the varnish to the highly polished base, but it has been treated with a beeswax polish and is in very good overall condition with no damage.

Diameter 13 inches (330mm); overall height 480mm

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