Post Office wall clock by SMITHS with battery movement and 12 inch dial, 1978

Traditionally, Post Office clocks were pulse type, driven by a master clock, or less commonly mains electric. Battery clocks were not adopted by the Post Office until 1974. This was the first design, PO No. 110, made by Smiths.

The clock has a 13 to 24 hour dial (for use where operations were based on 24 hour timings) set in a taupe melamine case. It is driven by an early Smiths quartz movement with a start/stop switch - useful for synchronising to a time signal.

The clock has been disassembled, cleaned, serviced and polished and is supplied in excellent condition and full working order (it takes a single C type battery, but an AA can also be used). As a footnote, there is a list of battery change dates on the back of the dial, which has been left intact (the first was in 1979 and the last in 1990).

Dial diameter 12 inches (305mm); overall diameter 356mm; depth 70mm

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