Medium-sized wooden cased perpetual wall or mantel calendar, 1950s

The classic 'linen roller' perpetual wall calendars are notable for their simple Modernist design and distinctive Gill Sans typeface. They were manufactured in various sizes and were in common use throughout the 1940s and 1950s.

This medium-sized calendar has a hanging bracket at the rear but can also be used free-standing on a desk or shelf. The case is made from solid wood and plywood (which appears to be mahogany). The day, date and month rolls are all printed on linen and protected by a glass window. The knobs are bronzed and knurled.

The calendar had at some point been over-painted, so it has been disassembled, stripped and refinished in a mid-brown stain and varnish close to the original. It is supplied in excellent overall condition.

Width 190mm; height 220mm; depth 45mm. Weight 750g

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