PHILIPS 'Pictorial' 10 inch terrestrial globe, circa 1959

This is a charming and quite rare illustrated children's table globe from the British company Philips. It is difficult to date due to a lack of political detail, but the Trans-Antarctic expedition of 1958 is shown, so it is probably circa 1959.

The globe is constructed from two pasteboard hemispheres with hand-applied composite paper gores, joined at the equator. It features the trademark Everite stepped black bakelite base with chromed and graduated meridian and time dial at the North Pole.

The vividly illustrated map has been carefully cleaned and although the colours have faded it is in very good overall condition with only minor marking. The base and mount have also been cleaned and polished and are in very good to excellent condition.

Diameter 10 inches (250mm); overall height 340mm

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