PHILIPS 'Blackbird' 12 inch terrestrial globe, circa 1964

Black ocean globes, popularised in the USA in the 1940s and 1950s, were given a Space Age makeover in the early 1960s when Philips produced the Blackbird globe. It was manufactured under license to the American maker Replogle and based on its Starlight model. They were in production for only a few years, so they are quite rare.

This fine example can be dated to circa 1964 as the short-lived Federation of South Arabia is still shown (1962 to 1963), Tanganyika and Northern Rhodesia have become Tanzania and Zambia respectively (1964), but the Maldive Islands have not yet become the Maldives (1965).

The globe is constructed from two pasteboard hemispheres with composite paper gores, joined at the equator. It is mounted on a satin gold finished die-cast meridian and pressed steel base, with a time dial at the North Pole.

The map is bright and retains full colour with no fading or loss; any minor nicks and abrasions have been restored. The base and meridian show some light marks but no damage. The globe has been carefully cleaned and polished and is in very good to excellent overall condition.

Diameter 12 inches (305mm); overall height 400mm

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