PHILIPS 12 inch terrestrial globe with physical mapping, circa 1936

This is an outstanding pre-war table globe from the British company Philips. It can be dated to circa 1936 as Persia is now named Iran (1935) but Italian Somaliland has not yet been incorporated into Italian East Africa (1936). Also, the Gran Chaco is shown as 'territory in dispute' (it became part of Paraguay in 1938).

The globe is constructed from a pasteboard sphere with hand-applied paper gores. It features one of the first stepped black bakelite bases by Everite, which remained a Philips trademark feature for 30 years. It has a lacquered brass meridian with brass finials and turned wooden polar bearings.

The globe retains the full subtle colouring of the physical mapping and has minimal marking. It has been carefully cleaned but otherwise left completely original. The merdian has been cleaned and the base has been polished. The globe is in excellent overall condition.

Diameter 12 inches (305mm); overall height 370mm

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