PHILIPS 14 inch terrestrial globe, circa 1935

This is a rare and impressive pre-war table globe from the British company Philips. It can be dated to circa 1935 as Saudi Arabia is shown (1932), Persia is not yet shown as Iran (1935), Italian Somaliland has not yet been incorporated into Italian East Africa (1936) and the Gran Chaco is shown as 'territory in dispute' (it became part of Paraguay in 1938).

The globe is constructed in the traditional manner from a hollow plaster sphere, with 12 hand-applied paper gores and calottes at the poles. It is mounted on a turned mahogany base and heavy chromed brass meridian with chromed finials.

The map has taken on exceptionally warm hues, complemented by the dark honey colour of the base. There is some loss around the pole and northern Europe, plus some staining and scuffing, but this in no way detracts from the undeniable appeal of this globe. The varnish to the base has also developed a distinctive craquelure.

The globe has been carefully cleaned and polished but otherwise left completely original. Overall it looks stunning.

Diameter 14 inches (355mm); overall height 520mm

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