PHILIPS 19 inch slate surface terrestrial globe, 1967

This is a large slate surface globe by the British company Philips. Slate surface, or blackboard, globes have a matt black painted finish designed to be drawn upon with chalk for use as teaching aids. The coastal outlines are permanently painted in white. This example has the painter's mark with date of 1967 concealed below the southern polar calotte. It is mounted on a turned oak base with a heavy cantilevered aluminium bracket supporting the axis.

The globe is constructed from two hemispherical aluminium shells, joined at the equator. Lines of longitude and latitude are etched into the surface. It is reinforced internally by a hardboard disc with steel rim at the equator and a wooden cylinder along the axis.

Aluminium globe shells are quite soft and particularly susceptible to denting, and while this example has some minor surface rippling it is generally in very good to excellent condition. The black finish shows minor scuffing and there are very small areas of loss to the coastal outlines, but generally it is fine. The wooden base is in excellent condition.

The globe has been carefully cleaned and the base has been polished; overall it looks very impressive.

Diameter 19 inches (480mm); overall height 640mm

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