PHILIPS 'Library' 6 inch terrestrial globe, 1958

This is a very unusual table globe from the British company Philips, dated 1958. It is notable for its Reimer influenced 'Machine Age' mount in solid golden oak with a waxed finish.

The globe is further distinguished by its seamless equator, being constructed in the traditional manner from a pasteboard sphere with 12 hand-applied paper gores (other Philips globes were typically made using composite paper gores, joined at the equator).

The map has been carefully cleaned and retains very good colour. The base has also been cleaned and waxed. There is a slight dented crease off the south west coast of Africa (pictured) and a few other small marks and scuffs but overall it has a very warm appeal and displays well.

Diameter 6 inches (150mm); base 190mm x 100mm; overall height 205mm

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