PHILIPS 6 inch 'Terrestrial' globe, circa 1933

This is a distinctive little table globe from the British company Philips, mounted in the Arts and Crafts style. It can be dated to circa 1933 as Arabia is overprinted with Saudieh (an unrecognised spelling of Saudi), so this is probably an early amendment to the map soon after the creation of Saudi Arabia in 1932.

The globe is constructed from a pasteboard sphere with 12 hand-applied paper gores and polar calottes. The base and meridian are made from solid oak. The inset polar bearings and spacers are boxwood (or a similar close-grained wood) and the brass finials are nickel plated.

The map has been carefully cleaned and despite age-related staining, rubbing and loss of varnish, the colours remain warm and the text is sharp. The oak base and mount have also been cleaned and waxed and are in excellent condition.

Diameter 6 inches (150mm); base 205mm x 95mm; overall height 280mm

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