PHILIPS 9 inch 'Terrestrial' globe with physical mapping, circa 1924

This is an outstanding table globe from the British company Philips. It is distinguished both by its unusual size and the physical rather than political mapping. It can be dated to circa 1924 as Petrograd is shown with Leningrad in brackets (Leningrad from 1924) but Christiania is not yet Oslo (1925). Further indicators of an early date are that neither an independent Ireland nor the Soviet Union are shown (both from 1922).

The globe is constructed from a pasteboard sphere with 12 hand-applied paper gores and 2 polar calottes. It features a turned mahogany base with a rich chestnut finish, a chromed half meridian with nickel plated polar cups and chromed finials.

The globe retains the full subtle colouration of the physical mapping. Notably the political borders, picked out in red, have not faded and the varnish is bright with no degradation. There is some scuffing and staining but no loss (the worst of this is shown in the last two photographs).

The map has been carefully cleaned but otherwise left completely original. The base and meridian have also been cleaned and polished as appropriate. The globe rotates smoothly on its axis.

Diameter 9 inches (228mm); overall height 350mm; base diameter 195mm

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