PHILIPS 9 inch terrestrial globe, circa 1924

This is a rare and unusual table globe from the British company Philips. It has proved difficult to date because of inconsistencies in names and borders, but 1924 seems a reasonable assumption based on the following reasoning: Tannu Tuva is not shown (1921-26), Trans-Jordan is not shown (from 1921), Ireland is not shown as independent (from 1922), the Soviet Union is not shown (from 1922), Constantinople is not yet Istanbul (from 1923), but Petrograd is shown with Leningrad in brackets - the name changed in 1924.

Other good indicators of an early date are the size (9 inches was later discontinued in favour of 10 inches) and the construction - the pasteboard sphere is overlaid with 12 hand-applied paper gores and 2 polar calottes, rather than the later composite gores. The most surpring feature is the stepped black bakelite base as this is at least 10 years earlier than other example we have seen, and at this time most globes were mounted on turned wooden bases. However, there is no reason to doubt its originality as it is secured with a countersunk machine screw and square lock-nut, which is the earliest known method of attachment. The mounting is completed by a traditional lacquered brass half-meridian, polar cups and finials.

The map colours have softened with age, the varnish has darkened and shows slight craquelure and there are areas of wear and staining but no loss. The lacquered brassware also shows age related patination.

The map has been carefully cleaned but otherwise left completely original apart from reinforcement at the polar bearings (concealed by the polar cups). The base and meridian have also been cleaned as appropriate.

Diameter 9 inches (228mm); overall height 300mm

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