PHILIPS 9 inch terrestrial globe, circa 1928

This is an attractive table globe from the British company Philips. It can be dated to circa 1928 as Central Australia is shown (1927-31) but Peking is not yet Peiping (1928).

The globe is constructed from a pasteboard sphere with 12 hand-applied paper gores and 2 polar calottes. It  is mounted on a gilt brass half meridian with brass polar cups and finials. The base is of solid turned mahogany. This appears to have originally had an ebonised finish, but if so it was removed a long time ago.

The map colours have softened and the varnish has darkened and degraded. There are areas of  wear and loss. There is a crack extending down the length of North America and a misalignment where it meets the equator (pictured). The gilt to the meridian has largely worn away and the other brassware is darkly patinated.

The map has been carefully cleaned and lightly restored, including stabilisation of the crack. The holes at the polar bearings have been invisibly reinforced to ensure smooth rotation of the globe on its axis. The meridian has been cleaned but without disturbing the patination. The base has been cleaned and oiled. Despite its obvious signs of age, the globe has an exceptionally warm and appealing look and displays very well.

Diameter 9 inches (228mm); overall height 410mm

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