REPLOGLE 'Library' 12 inch floor standing terrestrial globe, circa 1936

This is a fine pre-war floor standing globe by the American company Replogle. It can be dated to circa 1936 as Persia has become Iran (1935) but Italian Somaliland is not yet part of Italian East Africa (1936) and Burma is still shown as part of India (until 1937).

The globe is constructed from a heavy hand blown glass sphere with 12 hand applied paper gores. It is mounted in a die cast full meridian which rotates 360 degrees in its cradle. The globe turns on its axis but does not 'spin' as it sits on a keyed calotte for stability. The cradle rotates on a turned and carved solid walnut pedestal with four reeded legs.

The map has been carefully cleaned and is in very good to excellent condition with rich colours and minimal marking and staining. There are a two very small areas of loss in the south Indian Ocean that have been retouched in the past, but these have been left. There is a raised lens over Australia (pictured) which is a defect in the glass, but this is stable.

The meridian and cradle have also been cleaned and are in excellent condition. The pedestal has been cleaned and polished and looks very good. There are a few slight marks consistent with careful use and two shrinkage cracks to the top, but these are stable and do not extend to the core.

Diameter 12 inches (305mm); overall height 890mm

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