SHORT & MASON 'Ranger' barometer and thermometer by Kenneth Grange, 1965

This modern looking instrument was designed by Kenneth Grange for Short and Mason in 1965. It was featured in the December 1965 edition of the Design Journal; at the time it cost £9 9s - around £170 at today's prices. This was one of Short and Mason's last products for the consumer market before they merged with Taylor instruments in 1969.

The solid zebrano wood case houses standard Short and Mason movements behind heavy nickel plated bezels with twin black dials - one reading pressure and the other temperature. Unusually the glass is concave, intended to reduce the risk of breakage and minimise reflections. The instrument is designed to be either free standing or wall hanging (a special 'hidden' bracket is provided for this purpose).

It has been disassembled, serviced, cleaned and polished and is in excellent overall condition with only slight discolouration to the bezels. It is currently set to read pressure at sea-level but will be supplied with instructions on adjustment to local conditions.

Dial diameter 4 inches (102mm); overall width 245mm; overall depth 62mm. Weight 1.1kg

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