SMITH (SMITHS) bakelite cased 8 day wall clock with 8 inch dial, 1942

This is a rare wartime example of the iconic Smiths clock. The rear of the dial is clearly stencilled with the War Department Broad Arrow and the date (1942) and the movement housing is similarly engraved, linking the clock directly to the war effort.

The clock is solidly constructed, with a robust 'jelly mould' bakelite case, steel dial and false plate, brass sight ring and knurled brass winder. It is powered by the well proven Smiths 8 day 2 inch movement and will run for over a week on a full wind.

The clock has several unusual features which clearly point to the diversion of materials to more pressing military applications. Firstly, the hands are aluminium (which was in plentiful supply) and not the usual copper-plated steel. Secondly, the reduction in weight meant that the lead counterbalance on the minute hand could be omitted. Thirdly, this allowed for the brass sight ring to be reduced in depth.

The clock has been disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and serviced and sensitively restored as required. The painted steel dial has yellowed with age and there are a few light marks and scratches, but these are not visible from a normal viewing distance. The numerals and inscriptions are very clear with no loss. The brown bakelite case is in excellent condition with a few marks but no damage. There is some slight wear to the finish on the movement housing and rear of the false plate, but their overall condition is very good. Note that it has a Mark 1 hanging bracket - a rare feature consistent with its early date.

The clock is in full working order and currently keeping good time. It is supplied with instructions on setting up and regulating plus guidance on aftercare

Visible dial diameter 8 inches (200mm); overall diameter 290mm; depth 75mm. Weight 1.6kg

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