SMITH (SMITHS) bakelite cased 8 day wall clock with 8 inch dial, 1945

The design of this clock dates to the mid-1930s. It was one of the first bakelite models, and also the first to use the trademark Smiths hands, which continued in use until the late 1950s.

This rare wartime example was recovered from Pembury Hospital near Tunbridge Wells (now demolished), which was a very busy surgical and nursing centre during the war years. The steel dial shows shows light foxing and fading and has aged to a soft tobacco colour, but the numerals and inscriptions are still clear with no loss.

The clock is powered by the well proven Smiths 8 day 2 inch movement with platform escapement and will run for over a week on a full wind.

The clock has been sensitively restored and is in very good to excellent condition. It is supplied in full working order with instructions and guidance on aftercare.

Visible dial diameter 8 inches (200mm); overall diameter 290mm; depth 75mm. Weight 1.6kg

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