SMITH (SMITHS) bakelite cased 8 day wall clock with 8 inch dial, 1944

This is a rare wartime example of the iconic Smiths clock. The rear of the dial is clearly stencilled with the War Department Broad Arrow and the date (1944) and the movement housing is similarly engraved, linking the clock directly to the war effort.

The clock retains its original Smiths 8 day 2 inch movement, which will run for over a week on a full wind. The platform escapement is also dated 1944 so it is original to the clock. This is very unusual as platforms rarely survived for the full working life of the clock.

The clock has a few unusual features which clearly point to material shortages and restrictions at this stage in the war. Firstly, the case is a very dark, uniform brown with none of the mottled figure normally associated with bakelite cases of this type. This probably indicates a high ratio of filler to resin. Secondly, the dial paint is very thin, but it has nevertheless survived remarkably well with only light foxing. Thirdly, the hands are aluminium (which was in plentiful supply) and not the usual copper-plated steel. The reduction in weight meant that the lead counterbalance on the minute hand could be omitted. This further allowed the brass sight ring to be reduced in depth. Fourthly, the steel false plate is rippled (resulting from heat stresses during manufacture) and would not normally have met the required quality standards.

The clock has been sensitively restored and is in very good to excellent vintage condition. It is supplied in full working order with instructions and guidance on aftercare.

Visible dial diameter 8 inches (200mm); overall diameter 290mm; depth 75mm. Weight 1.6kg

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