SMITH (SMITHS) ELECTRIC wooden cased wall clock with 12 inch dial, circa 1936

This is a rare early example of a Smiths electric wall clock. Although it is not dated, it has a 'Deluxe' motor (introduced circa 1936) and has the earlier 'Electric' trademark (the name changed to Sectric in 1937). It is also unusual in that it has a wooden case and brass bezel in the traditional gallery clock style.

The painted steel dial shows slight mottling, although the numerals and other blackwork are clear and intact. The brass bezel has a bronzed finish, possibly original as it looks too uniform for age-related tarnish. The heavy wooden case looks like Douglas fir - a reddish, knot-free and handsomely grained softwood. The motor projects beyond the rear of the case, so the original hanging must have been designed to accommodate it. Three new feet have been attached to give the necessary clearance.

The clock has been sensitively restored and is in very good overall condition. It is supplied in full working order with instructions and guidance on aftercare.

Visible dial diameter 11.5 inches (290mm); overall diameter 390mm; depth without feet 65mm; depth with feet 80mm. Weight 4.5kg

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