SMITH (SMITHS) SECTRIC bakelite cased electric wall clock with 10 inch dial, 1939

This is a rare variant of the classic Smiths wall clock with an uncommon 10 inch dial. The clock is dated September 1939, just at the outbreak of WWII, but is unknown if it saw military service.

The clock is generally in excellent condition but the heavy steel dial does show light foxing in places, with degradation of the base paint layer causing some loss to the blackwork (pictured). The black finish to the rear of the dial shows some marks but it is clean and rust-free. The bakelite case is impressively mottled with an unusually high proportion of red pigment. It has a few light scratches but no damage. The glass (almost certainly original as the cut edges have been ground smooth) also has a few scratches, but as vision is not affected and more especially since it survived the war, it has not been replaced.

The clock runs on mains electricity and is driven by the robust and reliable 'Deluxe' synchronous motor, which was the heavy-duty workhorse of the Smiths Sectric stable from the 1930s to the 1950s. It keeps perfect time because it is synchronized to the frequency of the electricity supply. A "tell-tale" window in the dial below the logo displays a special wheel, which indicates when the motor is running

The clock has been fully disassembled and all components have been thoroughly cleaned - and polished where appropriate. The motor has been stripped and serviced and is running smoothly and silently. The clock is supplied in excellent overall condition and full working order with instructions on setting up plus guidance on aftercare.

Dial diameter 10 inches (254mm); overall diameter 343mm; depth 78mm. Weight 2.2kg

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