SMITHS bakelite cased 8 day wall clock with 9 inch dial, ca. 1949

The design of this clock dates to the mid-1940s. It was once a familiar sight in schools, hospitals, factories, stations and offices across the UK and Commonwealth.

This is an early example in exceptional original condition. It is undated, but 1949 seems most likely given that 1) the movement housing has a smooth paint finish rather than the later crackle finish (1950 onwards) and 2) it is secured to the dial  with blind domed screws rather than the earlier countersunk slotted screws (until 1948).

The dial is aluminium (steel was in short supply after the war), which accounts for its excellent state of preservation. The bakelite case has retained a very high gloss, which is unusual for a clock of this vintage.

The clock is powered by the well proven Smiths 8 day 2 inch movement with platform escapement and will run for over a week on a full wind.

The clock has been fully disassembled, cleaned, serviced and polished as appropriate. It is supplied in outstanding overall condition and full working order with instructions on setting up and regulating plus guidance on aftercare.

Dial diameter 9 inches (230mm); overall diameter 280mm; depth 78mm. Weight 1.4kg

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