SMITHS ASTRAL 8 day wall clock with 14 inch dial, circa 1945

This large dial clock was produced by Smiths probably towards the end of WW2 - the dial surround is bakelite as by this stage even plywood was in short supply. 14 inch dials were used by the RAF, although there is no direct evidence that this was an RAF clock.

Despite wartime restrictions there was no compromise on movement quality. The clock is driven by the renowned 8 day front-winding and front-regulating Coventry Astral 123 with large platform escapement - one of the most robust and reliable movements available.

Sadly the original dial was missing so a replacement has been fitted. The back of the back-box has also been replaced with matching reclaimed plywood. All other parts are original and have been appropriately restored. It is supplied in full working order with instructions on setting up and regulating plus guidance on aftercare.

Dial diameter 14 inches (355mm); overall diameter 420mm; depth 100mm. Weight 3.4kg

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