SMITHS black bakelite cased open dial aneroid barometer, late 1940s

During WW2, secret oxygen pressure sensor technology for use at high altitude, found in the wreckage of a German Me109 fighter plane, was adapted by Shortland Bowen for use in British aircraft. After the war and in association with Smiths Industries, the technology was further developed and applied to the production of highly accurate aneroid barometers.

This model by Smiths, dating to the late 1940s, features an open dial and a polished rack and pinion aneroid movement. It has a silvered dial, chromed bezel and flat glass set in a black bakelite case. Surprisingly black is the rarer colour - most were brown.

The barometer has been fully disassembled, serviced, cleaned and polished and is in excellent overall condition. It is currently set to read pressure at sea-level but will be supplied with instructions on how to adjust to local conditions.

Dial diameter 5 inches (125mm); overall diameter 175mm; depth 55mm

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