SMITHS SECTRIC bakelite cased electric wall clock with 9 inch black dial, 1948

This is a very rare variant of the classic Smiths wall clock, with an unusual white-on-black dial. This must have produced for a special application, although the actual history is unknown.

The clock is dated August 1948. The dial is aluminium (steel was in short supply after the war), which accounts for its excellent state of preservation. The numerals appear to have been stencilled or even hand-painted over the black base, with setting-out points visible at the centres of each circle. They are unquestionably original as they show craquelure and yellowing with age, as shown in the last picture. The hands have also been painted. They show light foxing, but this has been not been disguised in order to preserve the original finish

The clock runs on mains electricity and is driven by the reliable 'Bijou' synchronous motor, featuring the sought after smooth-sweeping red second hand. It keeps perfect time because it is synchronized to the frequency of the electricity supply.

The clock has been sensitively restored and is in excellent overall condition. It is supplied in full working order with instructions and guidance on aftercare.

Dial diameter 9 inches (230mm); overall diameter 295mm; depth 78mm. Weight 1.4kg

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