SMITHS bakelite cased electronic wall clock with 12 inch dial, circa 1970

With its more rounded case, bright white dial and new dagger-style hands, this clean, classic design marked the last stage in the evolution of the Smiths bakelite wall clock. This is a rare transitional example, utilising ‘modern’ battery power rather than clockwork or electric.

It is driven by a transistorised Smiths Sectronic Mark 2 movement. This early battery movement is of complex electro-mechanical construction (predating quartz by around 7 years) and is virtually silent in operation.

The clock has been disassembled, cleaned and polished and is supplied in excellent condition and full working order (it takes a single C type battery). All electronic movements can be regulated and with patience something approaching quartz accuracy can be achieved.

Dial diameter 12 inches (305mm); overall diameter 355mm; depth 65mm. Weight 1.6kg

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